Meet our People

Anastasia, Project Manager
Pöyry is an international company. I like learning a foreign language, working with our foreign colleagues, learn their experience.

Stanislav, Senior Design Engineer
In Pöyry I've extended my expertise in the field of project management. I'm working with both the Russian and foreign specialists. Most importantly, I can develop and apply at my work new skills and knowledge on a daily basis.
Mostly Pöyry clients are world leaders across different sectors. This means Pöyry is trustworthy and prestigious place to work.

Anton, Director of Project Management Department
On graduating from the university I came to the company and was noticed that the first step to the success in any profession is to be really interested in it. I did it. Still now I love to work in Pöyry - various projects which differ from each other, changing and constant clients, professional (and not always enough ) contractors and, of' course, my colleagues - full of energy, highly experienced and very optimistic people. Collaboration and mutual support, jokes in daily relations and serious attitude to the work make our friendly team special. And I would like to notice...Project Mаnagement is a team sport!

Elizaveta, Manager on Marketing and PR
I present our company with a pride at the public events. The "company" in Pöyry means much more then simply a place where you mostly spend you time. Our common success and achievements are result of corporate close cooperation based on fully trusted relations between people you are working with. That is a reason why we care with love what happen in our company.

Anastasia, Project Manager's Assistant
I like that Pöyry gives much attention to the leisure of staff. Corporate picnics, sport events, laughing skits - this is only small part we can brag about.