Client success story


Waste water treatment projects

(SUE "Vodokanal"  St. Petersburg, Russia)

St. Petersburg has been one of the main pollution sources in the Baltic Sea area. Today its waste water treatment meets the European standards, thanks to the comprehensive investment programs.  The inauguration of Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant in September 2005 was a major step in establishing a comprehensive wastewater treatment solution for St. Petersburg.


                    Main results: 

First investment program:

• Finalisation of the Northern sewage tunnel;

• Construction of a large tunnel pumping station;

• Renovation of the Northern wastewater treatment plant

Second investment program:

• Reduction the nutrient load from suburban wastewater treatment plants.


Technical details:

• 98,4 per cent of the wastewater treated. In early 1990’s, the figure was 67 per cent

• The share of St. Petersburg of the total  phosphorus load of the Baltic Sea has decreased from 40 per cent to 15 per cent




Relocating a paper machine from Finland to Russia

(Kamenskaya Paper Mill, SFT Group, Kuvshinovo)


In June 2011, SFT Group LLC selected Pöyry torealise their ambitious project of relocating and modernising a paper machine for their Kamenskaya mill, a first of irt kind for the Russian market. The reconstruction project included dismantling the existing equipment and installing the board machine to produce single-layer liner and fluting products form recycled paper with a capacity of 200,000 t/a.


Pöyry's scope covered site services in two fields: 

• Basic engineering with project documentation and permitting.

• Detail engineering with architecture, civil works and construction.

Work was split between experts in Pöyry's offices in Finland and Russia.