Thermal Power

Thermal power

We develop, engineer and implement technically efficient and environmentally sound thermal power plants and heating plants that are optimised for site specific circumstances and conditions. Pöyry also provides comprehensive services for operation and maintenance of thermal power plants, including energy efficiency services and refurbishment of existing plants.

Our core areas of expertise areas are:

  • Large utility power plants, including supercritical steam conditions
  • Combined heat and power plants (cogeneration) for process industries, such as forest, chemical and steel
  • Combined heat and power plants (cogeneration) for municipalities and communities
  • District heating and cooling systems
  • Desalination plants
  • Power transmission and distribution

Pöyry has proven experience with the following fuels and technologies:

  • Coal, lignite, peat and biofuels, such as wood and agricultural wastes using pulverised firing, fluidised bed combustion, grate firing or gasification and CCS technology
  • Gas fired combined cycle power plants
  • Gas and oil fired diesel power plants

Pöyry's track record during the last ten years includes combined cycle and gas turbine plants 28 000 MW; coal and lignite 8 600 MW; oil fired plants 3 000 MW; and diesel plants 560 MW. Of these, 4 400 MW are CHP/cogeneration units.