Pulp, Paper, Packaging and Hygiene

Pulp, Paper, Packaging and Hygiene

The global demand for pulp, paper, packaging and hygiene is shifting. Business leaders are asking:

What’s the global future of fibre? How to take advantage of growth opportunities or adjust to declining demand? How to combat plastics? How to position for growth in the East? How to address the issue of non-wood pulp? How to best re-deploy assets? How to achieve the optimal fibre basis?

Whether you’re a forest product company, a converter, supplier or an investor, you can depend on Pöyry:

  • 250+ sector specialised industry consultants located across the world
  • World-class knowledge of the global chemical forest industry
  • Strategy projects across Europe, Russia, North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific

We are the leading advisor of choice, providing services in:

Corporate and business strategy, Investments, mergers & acquisitions and transactions, Market insight and modelling, Organisation and operational excellence, Sales and supply chain strategies and Technology and resource strategies.

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