Fast-paced 21st century change is challenging business leaders and governments to rethink: how do you achieve competitive advantage in today’s complex bioeconomy?

Investing in the right bio-based technology can be a make or break decision. Whether you’re formulating a bioenergy strategy, considering liquid biofuels, diversifying into fibre based textiles, developing bio-based chemicals or evaluating bio-based materials for use in the food industry, then Pöyry is the ideal biofutures partner.

Our global team of specialised management consultants are here to help - incubating and creating both innovative and practical solutions to achieve sustainable biovalue.

Selected for our unparalleled depth of sector expertise, commercial know-how and decades-long experience, we can help you to develop the best biofutures strategies.

Supporting you with:

  • All aspects of bioenergy, biofuels, bio-based chemicals, biomaterials
  • Strategies, assessments and regional / country master plans
  • Maximising value from biomass, diversification strategies and sourcing routes for new raw materials
  • Partner identification
  • R&D portfolio strategies
  • Energy and biomass-based production portfolio strategies
  • Technology strategies
  • Technology acquisitions
  • Technology and trend foresight
  • Technology options and evaluation
  • Technology mapping and benchmarking
  • Consumer insight
  • Resource valuations and development